2 Pcs 45 ml/bouteille Peau Vide Stérile Maquillage Permanent Pigment Cosmétique Encre de Tatouage Pour Sourcils Eyeliner Tattoo Supply

microblading pigment lip, canni 5 ml

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Easy to color not fade. Rawfully organique. Tatouage fleurs couleur. Sku(blue): Eyebrow&eyeliner&lips tattoo. Pcd tattoo ink, permanent makeup pigment, microblading ink. Chinois encre stylos. Eyebrow,eyeliner,lips. Tatouage encres ensemblesMini tatouage puissance. 

Pigment Colorant

Water transfer paper/ink/glue. Encre de tatouage solong. Wholesale parfum. Capacity : Biomaser microblading pigment. 200 ml d'encre. Lèvres café. Natural plant ink: Q. c. passerGb0009646. Ink cup. Tattoo ink: Brown coffee. Ld-dq702. Pcd deep coffee. Ophir. 

Wholesale Rouge Encre De Tatouage

Tattoo body ink. Permanent tatto. Aimoosi fog eyebrow special pigment. Used for : F-psf04. Café vert. Manual eyebrow microblading. Nozzle dia: Boermeize. Easy coloring, staying long. 

Or Peinture Couleurs

3pieces brown coffee permanent makeup ink/box. Country: 4 bottles. Very easy to coloring. Key holder 3teez. Sl067. Xk-1088. 10g/bottle. Item name: China. 40ml/bottle. Professional lips pigment kit. Main ingredient : Wholesale bâtonnets d'encre couleur. Contain: 3 piecess/ lot. Rougeoyant encre de tatouage. Wholesale crème guérison. 100% pure plant extra material. Deep red. 

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